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FRIENDS of UIS Performing Arts Center are donors who play a pivotal role in fostering opportunities within our local community. FRIENDS provide vital support for performances by renowned artists, essential enhancements to our facilities, and enriching experiences for local children. Donations to FRIENDS are recognized through a membership program that provides unique benefits based on the level of giving.  If you’re looking for the best seat opportunities and a VIP experience from start to finish, this is the membership for you.

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Because of donors like you:

Sensory friendly performance by folk music artist, Chris Vallillo.

Staley Class Acts performance for school-age children.

Checks can be mailed to:
FRIENDS of UIS Performing Arts Center
University of Illinois at Springfield
One University Plaza, MS PAC 397
Springfield, IL  62703

Make check payable to: UIS PAC FRIENDS

Special Project HIGHLIGHT

This quarter we are highlighting
Our Stage / Our Voices

Our Stage / Our Voices is a program
formed to take a leadership role in
cultivating an environment whereby
members of historically
underrepresented communities
address the issues of inequality in the
regional performing arts with the goal
of achieving diversity and inclusion.

To learn more about this amazing
program or to show your support
through donation, click here.


Meet Jennie Davis, Assistant Guest Services Manager for the UIS Performing Arts Center. 

Jennie’s family moved to Springfield when she was five, and she considers herself a native.  She met her husband, Mike, shortly after high school when they were both working at a stained-glass studio.  Jennie fondly recalls how he caught her eye from the get-go.  After begging his phone number from her manager, she called him up and asked him out.  She still remembers their first date which included Putt-Putt golf, dinner at Tops Big Boy, and feeding ducks at the park.  That date was in June, he proposed in September and they were married the following July.

Not long after the opening of Sangamon Auditorium, Jennie started volunteering as an usher. In 1991, seeking an active role after having her second child, she began working part-time in valet parking. She reminisces, “Running out to grab cars helped me lose that baby weight.” Within a few months, she was promoted to supervisor of valet parking, a position she held for years. “I had two kids when I started working here and three more since.  To this day, I still have patrons ask how my children are doing.”  Jennie talks about how lucky she was to be able to bring her children to work.  In fact, Richard Ringeisen, who was Chancellor at the time made sure that Jennie’s children had a place to play and watch TV – to keep them out of the windy teardrop entrance area.

Beyond being a dedicated employee, Jennie is also a committed donor. When asked about her financial support, she says “it’s important to support the arts and I like that the UIS Performing Arts Center has something for everyone.”  Jennie has moved from an entry level part-time role, to more and more responsibility and finally this past year, she accepted a full-time position.  She says she wanted to grow her support as her job grew, and she has continued to increase her support of FRIENDS over the years.  It’s a rare quality to find employees who are also financial donors to the place they work.  The UIS Performing Arts Center is unique in that 100% of the administrative staff are also donors.  For Jennie, the reason is simple.  “I have never thought of this as a job.  I like it here and the people I get to meet.  It’s a nice place and I want it to stay.”

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