To contact UIS Performing Arts Center staff, please call (217) 206-6150 or email


director bryan rives

Bryan Rives


(217) 206-6160

Briana Fulton business manager

Briana Fulton

Business Manager

(217) 206-8291

Jen Tibbs Coordinator of Public Information & Marketing

Jen Tibbs

Marketing Manager

(217) 206-8284

Linda Nixon office manager

Linda Nixon

Office Manager

(217) 206-8281

chip deiss office support specialist

Chip Deiss

Department Assistant

(217) 206-8290


david hecht production manager

David Hecht

Production Manager

(217) 206-8161

Meetra Moyer

Assistant Production Manager

(217) 206-8730

joe taylor stage foreman

Joe Taylor

Stage Foreman

(217) 206-8294

Erin Traylor


(217) 206-8293

Guest Services

betsy o'brien guest services manager

Betsy O'Brien

Guest Services Manager

(217) 206-8287

jennie davis valet supervisor

Jennie Davis

Assistant Guest Services Manager

(217) 206-8715

Local Arts & Arts Education

Carly Shank Artistic Programs Director

Carly Shank

Artistic Programs Director

(217) 206-8286

justine moser education program coordinator

Justine Moser

Education Program Coordinator

(217) 206-8289


sarah brewer director of development

Sarah Brewer

Director of Development

(217) 206-8724

Chris Terry


(217) 206-8727

UIS Ticket Office

shannon smith ticket office manager

Shannon Smith

Ticket Office Manager

(217) 206-8370

sarah haasis ticket sales specialist

Sarah Haasis

Ticket Sales Specialist

(217) 206-8370

shannon brown ticket sales specialist

Shannon Brown

Ticket Sales Specialist

(217) 206-8370