Our Stage / Our Voices is a new program developed and sponsored by the UIS Performing Arts Center in which members of historically underrepresented communities address the issues of inequality in the regional performing arts with a goal of achieving diversity and inclusion. The artist-in-residence position will rotate annually as Our Stage / Our Voices works to amplify voices and stories throughout the community and create spaces for opportunity, understanding and originality.

Area playwright, actor, and director Tim Crawford will serve as the 2023 Our Stage / Our Voices artist-in-residence.  During his residency, Mr. Crawford intends to write a play about the 1908 Springfield race riots and offer public events showcasing the progress of the piece.  He will also spend time coaching local individuals to find their playwrighting voice through a series of learning sessions.

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About Tim Crawford
Our Stage / Our Voices

Past Artist-in-Residence

2022 artist-in-residence Reggie Guyton

Reggie Guyton blog

Black Futurez: Mixtape
Culminating Residency Performance
February 3 & 4, 2023
Click here for archival recording.

Ragtime Panel Discussion
hosted by OSOV Artist-in-Residence and Ragtime Director Reggie Guyton
May 19, 2022, 6:30pm
Click here for recorded stream.

Creativity, Collaboration, and Community
April 15, 2022
Click here for recorded stream.